My Background

I enjoy helping people learn new perspectives and skills that improve their lives. As important as my professional training and experience are, success also depends on us building a positive relationship.

The first session is my audition for becoming your therapist: I will work to put you at ease and to gain your confidence. I value being caring, clear and open, and rely on your feedback to shape our work together.

Current Work

I am retired from my position at Madigan Hospital, JBLM (Ft. Lewis) in Pain Management. My previous work settings have included general private practice, child clinics, the VA, schools, Soldier clinics in Alaska, and various crisis services.

At the JBLM Child and Family Service Center I diagnosed and treated children and teens with low self-confidence, anxiety, depression, anger, attention problems, academic struggles, family conflict, experiences of abuse, and other challenges. I enjoy the honesty and intensity of children and teens and their openness to change. Over the years I have helped thousands of clients recover from many types of trouble and suffering and to build more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Education and Training

After my psychology degree from the University of Washington, Seattle, I earned my Ph.D. in Psychology at SUNY, Stony Brook. I am proud to have spent three years in frozen Fairbanks, Alaska working with Soldiers and their families as they coped with deployments.

I am trained in evidence-based approaches to include Parent Training and Child Management; Trauma Therapies including EMDR and Cognitive Processing; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety, pain, sleep problems, depression, and more; Family and Marital Therapy; and Motivational Interviewing (MI) for change.

Living My Values

Best of all, I now have the joy of living near my family and again enjoying views of Mt. Rainier. My passionate interests include connecting with my family and friends, enjoying my dog and chickens, gardening, and protecting our local wetlands.

Like most of us, I have had times in life when I felt like my chickens who had wandered into a rat trap. I, too, have had to handle various personal and family troubles which helps me empathize and understand the situations we can all find ourselves coping with – no shaming or blaming. I look forward to working with you and invite you to call or text me at (617) 460-2745.

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